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Trademark Registration

Chanakya NGO Consultancy is well experienced to provide Trademark Registration Service in India. Chanakya provides Consultancy Service for Registration of Logo and Symbol of your Business and Social Entrepreneurship that is the brand identification. Chanakya Trademark Registration Consultancy Service helps to clients from Logo Search, to Prepare documentation, Filling and Submitting the Trademark Registration Forms, Reply of objections raised in the Examination Reports on the Registration for applied Logo/Symbol as the Trademark and to get complete applicable Trademark Registration Process.

What is Trademark

Trademark is a visual word, device, name, numeral or label that is depicted symbolically to help your business and organization in differentiating your concept, goods or services from the others and to achieve popularity, reputation, identical recognition and goodwill of your company and organization. Trademark is the brand as logo and symbol of the product and the service of the company and the organization. Trademark is an unique identity and an asset for the Products and the Service of the Business. A Trademark is a symbol of the business to mark it as an intangible asset or intellectual property for a business.

Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India is in charge of registering a trademark under the Trademark Act, 1999. This gives the owner a right to seek compensation in case somebody infringes that is misuses or copies his/ her trademark. After registering a trademark a symbol “®” is placed beside it and it is valid for the next 10 years from the date of registry. When the date of expiry is near an application for renewal is filed with the same department to renew the ownership license.

Trademark is very important in this competitive scenario. It includes name, alphabet, phrase, symbol, sign or combination of all of these. With these symbols or signs, customers can easily recognize the products of various companies. It is basically a legal procedure that is generally followed so that none other can use the same brand name to sell its products or services.

Trademark Registration

Trademark is certainly an important step to make goodwill in the market. It is infect the most important thing which distinguishes products of different brands. It helps buyers to differentiate between different companies. Trademark Registration is significant procedure under the Trademark Act used to safeguard the brand of Business. Trademark Registration is used to protect the brand symbol and identity of Business used as logo.
Trademark Registration is process of registering the intellectual property rights, legal protection and the right to exclusive use of the symbol/ logo/ mark of the Business/Trade to provides ownership to the registered owner. Trademark Registration can be obtained for certain class (category) of the product and service of the company and organization.

Trademark is protected under intellectual property rights that means Trademark mark of one owner can not be used by other without certain permissions and terms. Trademark protection is possible through registration and Registration of Trademark certifies the legal certainty and right of the owner in case of any litigation or similar use of the same mark. Trademark registration verifies the exclusive ownership right of registered owner to it use exclusively.

Types of Trademarks can registered

There can be many kinds of the formation and designing of the Trade marks including a single word, more words, a phrase, combination of words, one or more letters, any number or combination of numbers with text, letters and words, any sketch, photo, drawings, signs, symbols, multi dimensional shapes and features. The combination of devices such as shape, figure, drawing, painting, photo with them or with any text, letters, word, slogan can form trademarks. Trademarks are of different kind such as in visible shape/size/drawing in different color shades or and in audible form of sounds, in audio visual features and form in sounds and films. It can be in non visible fragrance form also. The Trademarks are logos and identities with unlimited the possibilities and availabilities.

Advantage of Trademark Registration

Trade Mark Registration is necessary because Trademark is generally a logo or shape or symbol or sign of any business, organization or person. Trademark is created for different identification and a image or device of the goods, services, business firms and organizations so the registration is required. There are various advantages of trademark registration. The first & foremost merit is it offers legal authority to the company that has filed it to take legal action against those who are using the same brand. We come across various incidents in which competitors resorted themselves to cheap activities. These activities include selling of falsified or unauthentic products, or unauthentic ally tarnishing the image of the competing company. In such situations, the registered company can bring the competitor to book under Indian Penal code.
The second advantage of this is that it is an essential tool to spread goodwill among the buyers. We all purchase various commodities every day. And, we always choose that item that has some brand name associated with it. So, it is of optimum importance to promote business. Buyers find that thing of maximum importance as it gives information about company that is offering this. The goodwill spread in the market gives new identity to products & services.
The third advantage that trademark registration offers is that it protects products & services from infringement. There are various consequences when competitors sell falsified or fake products to tarnish the image of the company. With this, they want to break the goodwill of the buyers. So, this is a potent tool that equipped the registered company to drag the opponents to court.
The fourth advantage served by registration of trademark is that it helps in popularizing the product. With this, clients get feeling of satisfaction prior to purchase goods or services.

Why we recommend trademark registration

  • Trademark registration necessary because it provides legal protection to your business identification symbol and Trademark logo.
  • The owners can sue in case of infringement. This facility is legally better applicable to trademarks that are registered.
  • Trademark registration builds a Unique Identity as competitors cannot use it for their goods or services. Trademark becomes a badge, brand statement for the company.
  • Trade mark registration is an intangible asset. It becomes intellectual property for an organization that can be sold, franchised or commercially contracted.
  • Trademark creates a sense of trust, popularity, reputation, identical recognition, goodwill and quality among customers. This shows that the company cares about its brand image which in an assurance of quality services and goods.
  • Trademark registration helps in Global Trademark filing too as it can be used as a basis for filing in other countries. If needed, foreigners and foreign entities can also register a trademark in India.
  • To understand more about Trademark registrations please click here.

Trademark Registration Consultancy Service

There are certain things that you should keep in mind prior to going to the legal consultancy service to get Registration of your Trademark. When you are thinking of Trademark registration then the question arises how to choose the best consultant for Trademark Registration Service. This is a very genuine question and you must keep certain things in mind prior to approach Consultancy organization to register the Trade mark.

Chanakya is one of the market leaders in trademark registering services in India. Our services include trademark filing for registration, replying to objections received from the concerned department, dealing with trademark opposition, filing for renewal of trademark and patent registration. Chanakya has the team of best legal consultants that are rendering trademark registration service in India. Our consultants are dedicatedly helping the organizations and the companies from filing the application till the successful completion of the registration procedure.

If you want to take our services then it is the best option to choose Chanakya the experienced player. In trademark registration filing process, lot of paper work is essential we are well experienced and expert in this sector. So, it is recommended to choose our experienced experts so that proper filing can take place to get approval of the registering Trademark.
The legal experts of Chanakya Trademark Consultancy possess full knowledge about the registration process. The papers must contain all relevant information about the company so that application can easily get accepted. We have a team of greatly qualified and experienced trademark consultants and attorneys, who have proficiency and skills in solving our client’s queries and trademark issues. Our task is to direct every case with our highly experienced as well as professional consultants and attorneys, no matter how big or small to Registration case is.

Our Trademarks Registration Consulting Skill Areas and Services include:

  • Search the Trademark before and during filing the Application.
  • Preparing the Trademark Registration application in certain forms.
  • Submitting and Filing the Application for Trademark Registration.
  • Fees Payment of Office for filing your application.
  • Reply of the Trademark Examination reports issued by the concerned Trademark Registrars.
  • Lawful suitable oppositions of the objections raised in the Trademark Examination report.
  • Assignment of the Task during Registration process.
  • Complete Documentation Registration Process.
  • Appeals of the issues raised during registration and for approval of registration process.
  • International Trademark Registration.
  • Renewal of the registered Trademarks.

Trademark Registration Process under Consultancy

  • Check and advice for acceptance and applicability of Trademarks.
  • Trademark Application Preparation, Submission and Proceeding for Registration.
  • Replying and responding for official Examination reports in case of the objection raised by authority.
  • Replying and responding of Examination reports with the objection raised by Third party business or person.
  • Reply and prosecute for opposition proceeding of Trademarks.
  • Prosecute and proceed to resolve dispute and litigation.
  • Consultancy for Trademark infringement cases by unauthorized person.
  • Renewal of Registered Trademarks.