Consultancy Services for NGO Registration, NGO Projects for Grants and Funding

To whom we Support

To whom we support and provide Consultancy Services

Support only to the Transparent real social Organizations

We support all those organizations, individuals and groups doing work sincerely to bring about a positive change in society. We always support, guide and assist in form of services in registration, documentation, planning and implementation work. We believe in welfare of all that is “Sarv Jan Hitay” and support all those whose work echoes the same sentiment. We work with transparency, accountability and responsibility this is why we expect the same from our clients. If your motive is only money generation or you have a criminal background or are looking forward for some support in converting money gathered through social service into personal property, please do not call us and waste your precious time. We are strictly here for the benefit of general public.

We do not provide any kind of assurance and guarantee to get funds surely after preparation and submission of Project Proposal for any kind of the Grant Schemes, whether it is related to Government Funding or Private Funding. Funds depend upon your work, organization’s profile, status and quality or type of project proposals submitted to the donor agency. It i very clear that the Project Proposal for grants and funding are approved based on applicability of the applicant organization. There may be other parameters to get funds but it depends upon the donors and applicants. Role of consultant is to prepare and proceed for the documentation including Annual Reports, Audit Reports, Project Proposals and proof of the past experience in the concerned sector for that the project is applied for. We can however help you by preparing project proposal in the finest way possible that is submitted to funding agencies which review this proposal and take decision accordingly.

What are Ethical Parameters? You can check here:- Ethical Parameters NGO must follow.

There are certain parameters of applicability of any NGO to get grants and funds, that you have to find out and decided that you are applicable or not. We can guide about the basic required parameters that you have to fulfill that is profile of your NGO. Profile of organization includes Annual Reports, Audit Reports, concerned required certifications and empanelments as applied wherever required. We can also guide you about various Government schemes for receiving funding, where to submit your proposal or project, whom to reach for help and make available all information for free. We follow all the ethical, legal and moral parameters and hence endorse the same. We have no shortcuts for any organization. Only hard work and proper documents, that we prepare, can help you in establishing your organization in the social service sector.

What led to our inception?

Time and again we had noticed there are some really passionate and sincere NGOs doing some commendable work but struggling with documentation and legal process. Their activists, personnel and management badly needed serious support services. Irrespective of the size of NGO whether a grass root level or a multinational all need financial support so as to work in an effective manner for the betterment of the under privileged sections of the society. This financial support is generally expected from various departments of central or state Governments, Indian Support Agencies, other Funding Supporters and Foreign Funding Agencies. This is where Chanakya Consultancy extends its help by assisting and completing all their concerns regarding documentation, legal formalities, providing guidance and consultancy services to gather funds from various funding and support agencies.