Consultancy Services for NGO Registration, NGO Projects for Grants and Funding

Ethical Consultancy Service

Consultancy with no guarantee assurance, no contingency and not percentage based
Many ask that do you work on contingency or for a percentage of the grant. No! Ethical Organizations that certify grant writers, grant seekers or fund raising professionals consider it highly unethical to work on contingency or for a percentage of the grant.
Many ask can you guarantee our organization will be funded. No! In the grant writing consciously business, there are no guarantees. We can guarantee to meet deadlines and submit a professional well-written document.
The professional grant writing consultants of Chanakya do not work on contingency means to take work for free, upfront, and if or when the grant is approved then getting paid. Ethical grant writers charge for time and expenses, and do not work on a contingency or percentage basis.
Chanakya Consultancy will provide your organization with a well written proposal or letter of intent which can be adapted to meet the funding guidelines of various philanthropic organizations. Upholding the highest ethics of fund raising professionals, no grant writing on a contingency basis or on a commission basis is performed. We discourage that practice because it has the potential to create a conflict of interest between consultant and client. The Code of Ethics and Conduct for NGOs also discourages such practice. Therefore, you have to pay the Consultants of Consultancy without winning the grant. However, if that is in habit or decided as per the expectation then it is time to try somewhere else.
Chanakya Consultancy is the team of professional grantwriters and fundraisers have experience that can expedite the process, but they possess no magical powers.
Chanakya is the best source for professional grant services as it is specializing in grant research, grant writing and grant management, the Consultancy is comprised of grant professionals working in a team environment to generate the highest quality product through collective and comprehensive knowledge and experience.
As the Consultant and guide of the social change makers our mission is to assist social workers and social entrepreneurs to fulfill their visions and missions by empowering them with the information, profile management and documentation that increases their ability to start or expand on their own social business or organization and create effective program strategies for social services programs, outreach ministries and small businesses to secure grants and other funding they need.

Profile of NGO and Applicability parameters matter for Grant Approval
If the profile of NGO is well maintained and project proposal is well prepared and approached at right placed based on the applicability and capability of applicant NGO then the chances of approval can be there. There are many factors and parameters that affect to decide the funding applications and project proposals. As the experienced consultant we can guide you to follow and proceed. If you are thinking to invest in your social business by following the applicable parameters on that your NGO is deserving only then we can provide consultancy.