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National Level NGO Registration

National Level NGO Registration Process and Methods

If you want to do social work at all India level or at international level you can do social welfare work anywhere without registering any NGO but you have to follow the law, rules, social and cultural ethics and parameters and follow protocol of the area where you want to work. In India you can register any NGO at any area of ate level and your NGO can work in all states and Union Territories of India. Then why to register – If the NGO required public donation then it must be registered in that area where it want to work and collect funds.

Why is it required to register national level NGO?

If the NGO is working in the state from where it is registered then it can get funds of state level funds means funding within the working area of that state only. That NGO can get grants for the project form the Central Government for the area under the jurisdiction of that state where it is registered from. If the NGO wants to work in another state then it can work in that state. That NGO can run any kind of projects and programs with own resources, with help of Donor Funding Agencies and with help of corporates to get funds under CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) if it is a state level registered NGO only. If the NGO needs funds from Central Government and the another state Government where it is not registered and it is working there only then it must be registered as National NGO.

To get Government Fund and Project in another state NGO must registered at National Level: So the national level registration of any NGO is required only when if that NGO wants to get funds from central Government or state Government for the working areas of different states (where it is not registered means other than the native state where it has registered office). Now it is clear that the ‘status’ of the NGO as national or state is just related and required to get funds in another states.

What to do for national level NGO Registration?

You have to follow the parameters and process to get the nation level registration of any kind of NGO. If NGO is registered as Trust under India Trust Act and Non Profit Company in Section 8 of Companies Act then it is considered as national NGO even address of any district of any state is given. As Trust registration some Government Ministries may not consider it as national if it is not registered at the address of Union Territory Delhi. Though many Trusts registered from the districts and other states and from out of Delhi then these Trusts are working as national NGO. If it is considered for few NGOs then it is applicable for all other Trusts.

If the Society is registered from Delhi with seven members from different states of India with one member from Delhi then it is considered as national status Society and NGO. Though some Societies are registered from other states with seven members from seven states but it may or may not be considered by all Government authorities and Ministries. So in this regard there a circular, notification or rule or law at Centro Government part is still pending and required to clarify about the National status of NGO.

National Level Society Registration Process

Trust Registration as national NGO

Non Profit Company Registration under section 8 as national NGO