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Concept Note

Many foreign funding agencies require a concept paper to be submitted for review before proceeding with the submission of proposal. Concept note is a brief description of the project idea. It is needed to obtain informal feedback on ideas and projects before submitting the proposal. Concept paper must aptly describe the project’s purpose and why it deserves to be considered further. Chanakya prepares a well-planned concept note that perfectly depicts your project keeping in view its justification, rationale and significance.

Concept note prepared by us generally carries three sections that are: introduction, purpose and project description.
Introduction contains information about the applicant organization while subtly conveying to the donor agency that the applicant understands the mission of the donor agency and the various types of projects that they support.
Next in the purpose section we shall describe your goals and objectives in detail. We shall describe how your project has the ability to contribute in one or the other way to the already existing pool of knowledge for that particular discipline. All supporting documentation will be briefly provided here with statistical data (if any).
In the project description part we shall describe your project’s strategy, activities, give a complete layout and if possible some information about the budget too. We will elaborate on your project’s uniqueness and give complete time planning details.

Concept Note is prepared by including:

  • Project Strategy/ Listing of Project Activities
  • Expected Results
  • Innovation: How different it is for other or earlier projects?
  • Organizational Background, including the expertise and experience.
  • Budget Estimate
  • Complete Contact Information of the NGO along with the name of the Contact Person.

Following are the unique features that a concept note prepared by us will have:

  • Concise, clear and brief language.
  • Aptly designed and balanced Concept note where information is just in the right amount. Neither too less nor too detailed as this destroys the significance and kills interest.
  • A concept note prepared by us has optimistic undertones to convince the donor agency of your realness. While lack of it displays lack of confidence too much optimism may be considered as over confidence.
  • We prepare concept notes after taking into consideration the target donor agency that is going to view your concept note.
  • We depict clearly the types of support you will need like personal travel, equipment, personnel.
  • Since appearance gives the first impression and the concept paper represents you so we take care to prepare one while paying attention to the details.
  • Concept notes prepared by us have professional appearance, to the mark content and impeccable presentation.