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Profile of Chanakya Consultancy

Chanakya NGO Consultancy is a registered consulting firm and one of the leading NGO Consultants in India which is extremely passionate about its mission and values; hence, it follows a very professional approach in managing, operating and achieving its objectives. As Consultancy service provider we offer the best NGO Consultancy services at competent market price in addition to the top course NGO support services. Our firm has an extensive experience of serving hundreds of NGOs across India. Our Consultants are highly experienced, motivated, organized and proactive professionals with deep knowledge from all aspects about the Social Service Sector. We offer services in the field of NGO Registration, Income Tax Exemption Registration under 12A, Income Tax Rebate Registration under 80G Registrations, FCRA Registration, Project Proposal Formulation, Multi State Cooperative Society, Software Development, Website Hosting, Website Designing, Trademark Registration, ISO Certification, Logo, Patent, Copyright and Accounting Services etc.

Chanakya Consultancy provides various contemporary and innovative work process guidance and advice to its clients in the field of registration process, grant project proposals and documentation to improve the profile of the organization. Our focus is on gaining a thorough understanding about the key concept of the organization. We sharpen practical skills and develop strategies to enhance the management capacity of our clients. We believe that a NGO is the best means to work for the welfare of mankind and thus, it is necessary for any NGO to receive funds in order to implement its projects. This is where Chanakya NGO Consultancy steps in- we help you in getting your NGO registered at National level, State Level, International level. We also deal Income Tax exemption to the donor on the amount donated under 12A (tax rebate for the NGO itself) and 80G (50% tax rebate to the donors on the amount donated) registrations of NGOs. To receive funds from foreign donor agencies you need FCRA registration and Chanakya is an expert in this field. A NGO can also receive funds from corporate through CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) rule through which a company has to donate a minimum amount of its profit annually to welfare projects for the underprivileged. NGOs desiring such funds have to file an application with the corporate house presenting itself in the best possible way as a perfect desirable candidate. Chanakya’s associates and team of professionals prepares Project report, Annual Report, Audit Report (Balance Sheet) on your behalf so as to help you win grants.

Government departments and foreign funding agencies provide large cache of funds for the purpose of taking up development activities that are increased periodically in conformity with the development needs. However, due to lack of awareness about various sources of funds, more focus on task of implementing the targeted projects and inability to take advantage of available opportunities NGOs are not able to tap these funds. Keeping in view with these difficulties, NGO Consultancy is established to assist organizations in capacity building and increasing their efficiency. Our professionals are supported by appropriate office infrastructure and exhaustive database with a selection of best management tools to provide quality service to our clients and resolve all previous issues.

If you are planning to establish a NGO and are confused about it: like how to receive funding, working of the NGO etc. no need to worry- just consult us! We would be glad to provide you our best possible services.

Purpose to enable those who support others in Society

Our purpose is to enable NGOs in achieving their aims with the help of modern tools and practices. We help them in developing organizational strategies to manage, train, monitor and evaluate their working, staff, projects, programs, relationships with donors and public, communication, team-working etc.
We act as a information and guidance network between NGOs working in various parts of India and donor agencies to provide grants and funds. Through our well designed and planned support system we consult voluntary organizations in the resources management, maintain sustainability and fund raising.


Our vision is to strengthen the NGO sector in India by mending the communication gaps and building a strong network between all of them. We wish to assist each and every sincerely working NGO to focus more on implementing their welfare programs instead of focusing the entire attention on raising funds. NGOs just need to work with passion for the welfare of their targeted beneficiaries while all their legal formalities and documentation processes shall be looked after by us.


Chanakya NGO Consultancy’s mission is to assist NGOs in concentrating more on the execution of its programs rather than chasing funding agencies. We are a team of devoted, qualified and well experienced individuals providing competent world class NGO consultancy services right at your door steps. We are committed towards providing quality services to our customers within the speculated time.

We are a leading consultancy and directory service suppliers in India offering consultancy services to NGOs and social service related corporate sector. We also provide technical support to enhance capabilities of NGOs by helping them in their planning and application of planned projects and tasks.

We disseminate details and promote development initiatives by taking in feedback about the requirements of marginalized and underrepresented sectors of society. Thus, we create the information channel and enhance accessibility of information by establishing an appropriate network for a trusted exchange and sharing of concerned information. Non-Government organizations play a crucial duty in creating awareness about the importance of education and various other social factors.

We develop strategies for capacity building of NGOs to implement their activities and achieve their objectives. More and more voluntary organizations are coming to realize that a wide range of knowledge, skills and strategies are necessary to achieve results and enhance their impact.

Objectives of Consultancy

  • To provide practice, technical and professional consultancy support, communication guidance to Non Profit entrepreneurs, organizations, cluster of people whether at business by NGO part or non-profit based social works within the field of multi services like registration and certification, documentation, keeping track of and analysis, making, web related and Information Technology solutions, information dissemination, human resource management, training programs, development and study research and analysis, promo, ad and promotion, publication, financial management, book keeping, amount and money investment, fund raising, legal consultancy practice, administrative management of organization, programs, projects and policy development, coming up with and execution connected practice.
  • To help NGOs, Non-Government agencies and corporate residences for reinforcing their capabilities to do much better in their respective fields by providing numerous trainings, courses and performing capacity structure programs.
  • To manage and give consultancy to all kind of registrations, empanelment, accreditations, enlistments, endorsements, licenses, affiliations, affirmations, etc from various Government and other authorities, departments, boards and organizations.
  • To provide consulting to operate, help, start, attempt and orchestrate or help different assignments related to different all kind of entities, social sectors, entrepreneurs and business establishments.

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