Consultancy Services for NGO Registration, NGO Projects for Grants and Funding


Chanakya NGO Consultancy provides consultancy to the Non Profit Organizations to raise funds and grants through various Grant Schemes, Projects and Funding Resources. Central Government, State Government Ministries, Departments, Authorities, Funding agencies, Corporates and other resources are for donation, grants and funding to support non-profits, grass-root level NGOs, organizations. Funding is expected by everyone but certain organizations are eligible and applicable to get approval for it. In order to get approval for the funding help the eligibility criteria depend on various parameters, factors, guidelines and terms of the donor agencies that the applicant organization must fulfill. To get grants and funds it is required to prepare and submit Project Proposal along with Profile, Annual Reports, Audits, Memorandum, Certificates of NGO and other documents. Chanakya plans, prepares and support to submit the Project Proposal to get grants and funding as consulting service.

It is very clear that the role of consultancy is to guide and prepare the project proposals, reports and required documents and support to to submit the required documents. It must be very clear that we do not assure anyone to get funds surely. Our role is to prepare project and other documents and approval depend on the eligibility criteria and the decision of the donor authority/ funding agency. We offer Fundraising consultancy and support services to the deserving Non Governmental Organizations in India.

Fundraising Plans

Chanakya offers strategically developed communication plans that align with your fundraising strategy and delivery objectives. We offer strategic advice, consultation, training and hands-on support to deliver robust fundraising results. The mechanism to implement these fundraising programs and plans includes several aspects which have been detailed below. Our Consultancy for Fund raising plans and programs include – Communications strategy and Plan, Digital Strategy for donor acquisition and retention, Review and Gap Analysis, Media Interaction Training, Advocacy concept development and Campaign development.

We undertake and provide Fundraising Consultancy Service under these Plans:

  • Major Donors and High value donors
  • Legacy and Bequests
  • Digital/ Social media
  • Fundraising through Website
  • Corporate Fundraising

Fundraising Programmes

  • CrowdFunding for certain reasons and tasks
  • Fundraising through Person-to-Person meeting and campaigning
  • Prepare and implement Project to get Fundraising
  • DRTV Fundraising


Crowd funding is the collective effort of individuals who network and pool their resources, usually via the Internet, to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations. Crowd funding is used in support of a wide variety of activities, including disaster relief, citizen journalism, support of artists by fans, political campaigns, Startup Company funding, movie or free software development, and scientific research. Nonprofits are using crowdfunding across the globe to expand their reach and raise funds as well as awareness for the causes that matter most to them. “While crowdfunding does not constitute a complete development plan, no development plan is complete without crowdfunding. We provide consultancy for you if your NGO is eligible to collect fund under this process.

Fundraising Sources

Chanakya not only provides all information about various fund raising schemes launched by Government or private sector but we also help you in applying for them. With an extensive network, team of well experienced consultants for funding schemes and a comprehensive support system, we have the capacity to respond quickly to a client’s changing needs. We offer tailor-made fundraising training for both the board and staff.

Institutional and Government Fund Raising

Our data base consists of Institutions/bodies both of India and Foreign origin. These bodies donate huge amount of money for the development work for the underprivileged section of the society. A project proposal mentioning the work area of the NGO, their plan and implementation programs with audit strategy has to be submitted to these bodies. They look at the project proposals and then choose the worthy ones out of the scores of proposals they receive. This is where Chanakya comes into picture. We write proposals after looking at your organization’s profile papers and work done by it making sure that it displays the best possible and impressive image and status of the organization. You can refer to the Project Proposal Service section above to gain more insight.

Direct Mailing Application

Direct Mailing Application process (DMA) is a very vital aspect of fund raising techniques available for NGO sector. It is a direct marketing activity by which you take your appeal to the people and individualizing your appeal to your target Population. To make donation easy, a donor should be given facilities like Business Reply Envelope (BRE), Modes of payment i.e. Cheque/ DD/ Cash/ Credit Card/ Bank transfer/ Swift Code etc. We prepare framework for this for your NGO.

Donation Boxes

We can provide consultancy for placing donation boxes at various profitable locations to certain applicable organizations. A Donation Box increases your organization’s visibility all the while generating some money.

Corporate Fund Raising under CSR

We provide all information related to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and prepare funding request proposals, project proposals for your organization. CSR funding is provided by certain Companies of Corporate Sector and Public Sectors companies in India. Chanakya’s fundraising initiatives have resulted to support charities. Lately corporate fund raising in NGO sector has increased in comparison to other fund raising techniques. For a NGO, CSR means raising resource from the companies who has applicability and an agenda for Corporate Social Responsibility for a cause of serious concern to the society.

We provide Documentation and Project Proposal Preparation and writing Consultancy services only to apply for and to get CSR funding. Our NGO Consultancy doesn’t provide fund, manage and liaison to get funding from Companies or any donors to any NGO. After preparing Project Proposal we guide to submit to the companies only.
Approval of the projects solely depend on the decisions of the companies. If the project is approved then substantial resources can be raised by tapping profitable corporate and socially responsible organizations.

Fund Raising through internet

This is a fund raising strategy for the new millennium. The successful fundraiser will be the one who artfully mold fundraising principles, tactics and techniques in to the very heart of this new media. We provide consultancy for this which can attracts individuals to donate for the cause.

Foreign Funding

There are various foreign funding agencies and foreign trusts that support worthy causes such as, Google, Ford Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, USAID, DFID, NORAD etc. It is possible to get funding from them provided they are well sensitized and are approach at appropriate level. We provide adequate research and care to ensure that the project proposal is well written and matches the agendas and parameters of the donors. A FCRA registration and account is required for seeking foreign donation/support/aid.

Social Campaigns, trainings and seminars

We organizes social campaigns like walkathon, charity walk, No tobacco rally, anti-crackers campaign for generating public awareness on the common issues. Training and seminars on fund raising, projects, and corporate social responsibility is the regular feature of the “Chanakya the Team”.

Different Fund Raising Plans

A fundraising plan is the framework for your development efforts and part of sound financial planning. It helps you plan for your future and ensure your organization’s stability. Fundraising planning also helps your organization cultivate multiple revenue streams; set priorities, strategies, and goals; and limits crisis fundraising. The planning included assessing the organization’s readiness; data review of past fundraising effectiveness; review of current reality and projected goals; identifying target audiences, developing implementation, evaluation and monitoring strategies. The organizations agreed to make the products of their planning available to use as examples to the field.

Funding Agencies Resources

Our associates website does carry a list of donor and other related agencies, persons, organizations but it is only for information purpose. Chanakya NGO Consultancy is not affiliated with any agency; neither endorses any agency for any purpose. We provide information solely for the purpose of contacting assuming that the enlisted agencies support volunteers, NGOs and groups for their social cause or entrepreneurship.

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Role of Consultancy in Fundraising

Our Fundraising services are for the transparent and certain applicable NGOs only. It is not necessary that this service is available for all and any kind of groups or organization of persons. Our Consultancy services are available only for those who are agree to follow and accept our terms and condition. Our role is to prepare documentation, project proposals, profiles of NGOs, prepare Annual Reports and provide consultancy to be eligible to apply for donation in various methods including funds under CSR and Government Funds. We do not assure you that we can provide fund or can manage funds for your NGO. Role of consultancy is as per the global parameters and as per our own terms without assuring to get surely with and do not provide any guarantee to get or provide funding.