NGO Registration, Grant Projects, Funding, 80G 12A Tax Rebate, FCRA Registration Consultancy

Consultancy Services

NGO Consultancy Services

Chanakya provides support services to Non-Profit Organizations (NGOs) regarding various kind of registration of NGOs, provide registration process information to achieve funds for welfare, various Government departments and Ministries related registration process information to Non-Profit Organizations, Social Institutions and Organizations and other kind of registration process information and consultancy.

A. NGO Registration

1. NGO Registration Services

  1. NGO Registration as a Public Charitable Trust
  2. Registration as a Society under Society Registration Act
    • National Level Society Registration
    • State Level Society Registration
  3. Company Registration including under Indian Companies Act
  4. Section 8 Non Profit Company Registration
    • a. Private Limited Company
    • b. Public Limited Company
    • c. LLP Registration
    • d. One Person Company

2. FCRA Registration under Foreign contribution Regulation Act

i. Long-term FCRA Registration
ii. FCRA Prior Permission Registration before 3 Years

3. Registration for Income Tax Exemption

i. 12A Registration for Income Tax Exemption for NGO
ii. 80G Registration for Income Tax Exemption for donors

4. Trademark Registration

5. Copyright Registration

6. Registration for Government Grants: at NGO Darpan and various other departments/ authorities

7. ISO Registration

B. Documentation Services

Documentation Service to get funding and financial support from funding agencies and Government Ministries/Departments.

Documentation regarding
• NGO work, management and projects
• Documentation for Funding and Fundraising
• Documenting Case Studies
• Project Evaluation Documentation
• Documentation on Profile of NGO
• Project Proposal writing Documentation
• Report writing Documentation
• Other Documentations

Documentation for grant eligibility and utilization
a. Project Proposal
b. Annual report
c. Project Report
d. NGO Profile
e. Concept Note
f. Fund Raising Reports
g. Events and Workshop reports
h. Resolution of meetings and decisions
i. Field Survey reports and Data collection report

C. Fundraising for NGO

  1. Fund Raising Schemes and CSR

• Institutional and Government Fund Raising
• Direct Mailing Application
• Donation Boxes
• School Awareness cum sponsorship Program
• Fund Raising from Corporate Sector
• Fund Raising through internet
• Cause Related Marketing
• Foreign Funding
• Social Campaigns, trainings and seminars
• Different Fund Raising Plans

  1. Fund Raising plans and programs

• Digital and Social media
• Fundraising through Telecalling
• Fundraising through Payroll Giving
• CrowdFunding via the Internet
• Face to Face and Door to Door Fundraising
• On Site Fundraising via various methods and ideas
• Direct Response Television (DRTV) Fundraising
• Corporate Fundraising

D. Publicity

• Web related Consulting Services
• Web Development, Content Management System and Designing
• Web Hosting and Domain Registration of Social Organization
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to find NGO
• Software and Android Application Development
• Content Writing for Social Media and Profile
• Publicity and Identification Campaigns on Social Media
• Logo Designing for Organization and Institution
• Brochure, Pamphlet Designing and Printing

E. Miscellaneous NGO Consultancy and Support Services

  • Support NGO through internet and web based Media, Social Media and Social networks.
  • Support and Consultancy for operation and management of NGOs to collect and manage funds and resources.
  • Information Support about various Government Departments, Authorities, Funding Agencies.
  • Information collaborations and Communication between NGOs to develop effective partnership each other.
  • Establish and manage Information Dissemination Networking between NGOs and other organizations.
  • Manages and promote Electronic Networking between community organizations and NGOs to strengthen them.
  • Provide free online resources and information for capacity building of grass root level NGOs and Social Activists.
  • Legal assistance and legal awareness programs for the needy.
  • Shares knowledge, experience and ideas among NGOs.
  • Support in fund-raising programs and activities for deserving NGOs.
  • Create mutual platform and network between Non-Profit Organization and Funding Agencies.
  • Other Consulting and support services related to various issues in required sectors.

NGO Consultancy Services

  • All kind of NGO Consultancy
  • National level NGO Registration
  • State Level NGO Registration
  • NGO Registration
  • NGO as Trust Registration
  • NGO as Society Registration
  • NGO as Section 8 Non Profit Company Registration
  • Trust Deed Preparation – Objective and Bye-laws
  • Memorandum of Association and Bye-Laws of Society
  • Society Bye-Laws Preparation and Documentation
  • Memorandum of Association/Articles of Association of Non Profit Company
  • Planning and Policy Documents for NGO
  • All type of Resolutions to run and manage NGO work
  • Resolution General Body
  • Resolution for Governing Executive Body
  • Resolution for Bank Account
  • Guidance for Bank Account Opening
  • Resolution for Administrative Office
  • Supplementary Trust Deed with Amendments
  • Change of Trust Name and Address
  • Changes in Members and Objectives of Trust
  • Amendments in Society
  • Amendments in Society Address
  • Amendment in Society as National Level
  • Society Members Changes and Bye-laws
  • Annual Report Guidelines
  • Annual Report Preparation
  • NGO Profile Preparation
  • Profile Presentation Designing
  • Audit Reports for NGO
  • Accounting Work for NGO
  • Accounting and Audit Report Preparation
  • NGO Auditing Consultancy
  • Balance Sheet
  • PAN Card Preparation
  • Income Tax Return for NGO
  • Income Tax Return Submission through Tax Consultant
  • Income Tax Exemption Registration
  • 12 A Registration Process Work
  • 80 G Registration Documentation
  • 80 Registration Submission
  • GST Registration for NGO
  • GST Return Submission
  • MSME Registration for NGO
  • Documentation Consultancy for FCRA
  • Documentation Consultancy for FCRA Prior Permission
  • NGO Project Proposal Consultancy
  • Project Proposal Preparation
  • Projects for Government Grants
  • NGO Project for Funding
  • NGO Funding Consultancy
  • NGO Project Writing
  • Concept Note Preparation
  • Feasibility Report
  • Policy Document
  • Report Planning
  • Project Implementation Guidance
  • Project Monitoring Guidance
  • Project Evaluation Report
  • Case Studies
  • Impact Assessment
  • Achievement Reports
  • Future Perspectives Presentation
  • Research Report
  • NGO Profile preparation
  • NGO Management Consultancy
  • Registration of NGO in Foreign Contribution Regulation (FCRA)
  • FCRA Registration Documentation Consultancy
  • FCRA Prior Permission Process for Foreign Fund
  • Returns for FCRA
  • Field Survey
  • Website Development of NGO
  • Domain Registration
  • Trademark Registration
  • Trademark for NGOs
  • Logo for Trademark
  • Copyright Registration
  • Brochure Leaflet, Booklet Preparation and Designing
  • Guidance to organize Events for Funding
  • Guidance for Office Management
  • Stationary Designing – Letter Head, Visiting Card
  • Receipt Book
  • Event Management Consultancy
  • Guidance and Concept to maintain Credibility of NGO
  • All kind of NGO Documentation