Consultancy Services for NGO Registration, NGO Projects for Grants and Funding

Why choose us?

Chanakya Consultancy has an integrated team of professional, dedicated and experienced NGO consultants who are experts of their respective fields. If our advice and guidance is followed sincerely then the most optimum and best results shall be achieved by the client NGO. Our USP lies in the fact that we have dynamic knowledge of NGO sector through 20+ years of activity in the same field. Our professional fundraising consultants are well experienced and experts in understanding each and every minute detail of the entire documentation process, hence providing you the easiest solution to leave all the legalities to us. You just need to contact Chanakya and share all your concerns or book an appointment with our experts in person. They shall provide you stepwise assistance in taking initiatives and achieving objectives that you have always dream of. In return you will be left with ample of time and energy to work on other necessary things like advancing the mission of the NGO.

We specialize in fund raising, donation and winning support for the NGOs. We have a solid communication network between supporters and needy organizations that is constantly updated with the emerging trends of social media and online communication systems, thereby, providing the NGOs flawless integrated result with multichannel fundraising. We deliver honest and professional services to NGOs in arranging their complete resource development process. Chanakya prepares campaign strategies; develops campaign timetable; establishes the capital goal and make recommendations accordingly; identifies campaign leadership; organizes the entire process and build capacity by educating and training volunteers. Chanakya Consultancy is incorporated with dedicated dynamic expert Consultants with professional competency, consult to competent individuals and desired requirements of NGOs.. We listen and resolve to specific problems, needs, issues or troubles being faced by the Non-Profit Organizations. Depending on the need of the institution we provide solutions after conducting a feasibility study. These solutions range from launching a major campaign with a perfect strategy to enhancing an existing fundraising program with the advanced techniques. We feel pleasure to support the social workers and social organizations at legal consultancy and documentation part..

Every NGO has its own vision as imagined by the visionary in objectives. To implement this vision NGOs need a pathfinder to show them a clear way and achieve all set goals. Chanakya plays the role of this pathfinder by guiding them into effective managing, running and sustenance their core programs. Our guidance is enough to boost the NGO’s strength and show a way that leads them to attain their set goals.

Our Role as NGO consultancy

Non-profit organizations (NGOs) have a certain vision represented by their aims, objectives and purpose. To implement this NGOs require guidance in form of an understandable and clear way towards achieving their objectives especially if they are novice and have no previous experience. Chanakya as the NGO Consultancy firm assists such NGOs to bring a real change and increase their strength by showing them a path that leads them to fulfil their desired dreams. Chanakya as the NGO Consultant keeps in mind specific needs of the NGO clients and individuals. Experts at the Consultancy listen patiently to the problem and solve it. Specific needs, difficulties or issues involved in the formation and management of organizations can be addressed by the Consultancy. Chanakya provides various services to NGOs ranging from feasibility studies before launching a major campaign to formulating perfect strategy to execute it, or organize programs to raise funds with the help of new age methodologies like social media marketing, digital advertising, network building etc. Chanakya Consultancy also provides help to the clients in various legal and sponsorship issues.

Support to NGOs registered through our NGO Consultancy

Support for Social Service organisation when it is registration through our Chanakya NGO Consultancy service.
Many social workers, stakeholders and social activists want to know how to manage and run the new organisation with limited resources and make better profile to go ahead to achieve their target aims and objectives. If you get registration through our consultancy service then you can get support to manage and run the organisation in organised way, for that you do not have to pay additional consultancy fees that is applicable for other organisations who seeks support and guidance as consultancy part.
If you are working for social welfare and want to work in more organised way then you have to be associated with already registered organisations or have to register your organisation through the legal applicable process.

What maters is most that the aims and objectives and other applicable legal bylaws you are thing of and want to proceed for are included in the memorandum or trust deed clearly or not included. We care of that so after registration of the organisation it can be useful and do not have to start again count downs from starting due to the incomplete memorandum. To form and register and run in professional parameters you have to take care of most of the options and requirements, so as Consultancy firm we do take care of that at Chanakya NGO Consultancy. if you take our applicable consulting services.

If you want to register your NGO at national level then you can contact Chanakya NGO Consultancy for NGO Registration. The professional and long term experienced consultants at NGO Consultancy can help and guide you for your social entrepreneurship task you wish to start and want to go towards the expected target area. So you have to arrange and manage resources and team of like minded social activist persons to run the organisation and work for social welfare. If you want to know more detail to get registration of NPO and run the NGO after registration, you can get more information and decide what to do.

Social activists who want to know and learn that how to start and implement social work in organised way through NGO can get information and support from us. NGO Consultancy provides consulting services for NGO Registration and provides future guidance for NGO management and profile improvement regarding Fundraising to keep your NGO capable for the objectives and vision.