Copyright Registration

Imagination is the beginning of creation. The ability to imagine gives birth to an idea that translates into novel or painting or a movie, song, video etc. Copyright registration protects this creativity and encourages people to create thereby ensuring they do get credit for their work. It is not mandatory but it safeguards the rights of the creators being an infringement. The creator gets an assurance that nobody will be able to make use of it or copy or claim ownership of the creator’s original ideas and they would always get their due credit. Copyrighting anything will help to protect the social and economic development which relies on the creativity. It helps to get a kind of monopoly which motivates an artist or a creator to produce more.

Copyright registration helps in protecting creativity which is directly linked with the social and economic development. The monopoly an artist or creator gets over his/ her work encourages them to produce more. Everything we come across in our daily life, from the newspaper articles we read to the new recipe for a dish, almost everything has been created by someone. Owning the expression of their ideas helps such creators earn a living by developing them. Remember not everything can be copyrighted.

There must be three elements viz originality, fixation and expression. There must be certain basic level of originality irrespective of the quality of work. Titles of individual works, phrases, facts, universal truths cannot be protected by copyright or trademark laws. To be able to copyright a work it must be “in a tangible medium” that is it must be locked in a permanent state. For example, you may create a sandart but since it is not considered fixed so it is not copyrightable. However, a picture of it fixes it in a reproducible medium other than your own memory. Hence, the image and design of your ice sculpture can be copyrighted. An idea cannot be copyrighted but the expression of that idea certainly can be. For example, one may build an advertisement campaign with lots of original content. Another competitor cannot copy your content but he certainly can use the idea. Let us take another example of a movie maker. He gets an idea to make a movie on smart, suave and intelligent superhuman that has amazing flying abilities. This idea cannot be copyrighted but a movie made on this subject like a Superman movie can definitely be copyrighted.

What Chanakya does for you in Copyright Registration

As a consultancy firm active in Delhi and the National Capital Region Chanakya handles the legal work related to copyright registration from filing an application till the approval. Our wide range of services includes copyright attorney, registration, consultancy, hearing cases against copyright infringement etc. Copyright is an intellectually property right given to the applicant through which no one can use or copy his original work without his prior permission. Any article, music, video, story, photographs, creative content, IT applications etc. all can be brought under copyright registration so as to prevent unauthorized usage or duplication of work done by us or our clients.

Copyright registration prohibits usage or duplication of the work done by any artist, performer, writer, painter, composer etc. Being a legal right governed by the law, copyright refers other rights like communication, translation, adaptation and reproduction of the work. The creator or author can further enjoy certain moral rights like authorship for published or exhibited work under the right of paternity, deciding power regarding where to publish and where not under the publication right, or take necessary preventive actions in case of image or reputation loss under the right of integrity.

Copyright Registrations

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