Project Proposal

Non-Governmental Organizations survive majorly on project funding that helps them to accomplish their goals. It is essential for a NGO’s success to write targeted and clear project proposals that help them in winning sanctions. A unified approach towards project management is thus needed to master the art of proposal writing. A project proposal describes in detail the series of activities aimed at solving a particular problem. It is the direct manifestation of project design and describes project in a form that can be universally understood as well as accepted. It contains justification of the project; activities and resource plan; budgeting needs; material and human resource needed etc.

The project proposal includes few things starting with profile for implementing the organization which should have the nature of the implementing organization, the presence of relevant experience from the past, the track record in the community based on the work or experience along with participatory approaches. The details of the organization are required along with governance, history and funding, the expertise of the staff and membership. Other than this there are look outs like the problem that the project sets to resolve, the reasons for the project activity, the global and the local importance of the project, the use of the donor’s resources and so on.

The context or the baseline entails the duration, area, background of the project along with the copy of the projected area. The identification of the problem as the project requires along with the assessment and the description of the projected area. There could be a reference that could be taken up. The project objective requires the nature of the project activity, the immediate objectives, the expected deliverables of the project, the proposed activity in sequential order, strategies to develop and achieve the project. Finally, the project plan with plan matrix.

The project strategy includes institutional mapping along with the consultation with key stake holders, the role of recipient as well as partner organization, relationship with other projects or private sector activity. The technical feasibility requires the description of the technical details and the requirements, experience of similar projects in respect to the identification of the local expertise. The anticipated result addresses the impact on the participant or the beneficiaries which is related to human health, economic, social and other impact. Finally there is evaluation, monitoring, reporting along with budget, visibility and communication strategy.

Expertization in Project Proposal Preparation

Chanakya provides excellent consultancy to prepare project proposal and guide the NGOs to submit for grants. In project proposal the proposition depicts a type of plan for a required activity. Project proposals for the social venture are prepared by Chanakya in such a proposition that might be utilized to acquire grants after approval.
Chanakya’s experts know the format and structure of the Proposal persuades to grant providers to approve it and to decide the sum of financial grant. Justification about the required area and sector including the proposed programs and activities must be included in it.
Chanakya team is well experienced to form the Project Proposals and know that Project proposals must be comprise of various concerned sections and segments including an executive outline summary, depiction and description of the issues. So it is to be clearly mentioned about the problems and objective, concerned of the area for which the project is proposed, process to resolve them and to achieve the goal. In the project documents the history and background of NGO and the past experience in the working and present status and many more informations are included to implement its task in the existing circumstances and conditions.
So to gain financial support and approval consultancy services of the professional experienced consultants are necessary and must be taken and Chanakya is the perfect solution provider for this professional work.

How Chanakya NGO Consultancy will help you:

  • You hand over the entire details of your project or its idea and we will chalk out everything right from outline to proper formatted proposal that you need to submit for funding requests to different donor agencies.
  • We first prepare a background for your proposal that contains elements like:
    • Your objectives that you need to convey to the donor;
    • Project information that has the ability to fit within donor’s priorities;
    • Clearing the donor who you are, about your organization and your aim to be achieved;
    • Realness of your project purpose and its ability to make an impact.
  • We prepare your organization’s Profile that is an essential part of Project proposal. The Profile conveys all the necessary information about your organization, its track record and achievements.
  • We provide the donor agency with your project’s justification, rationale and significance. Rationale is a necessity for the project as it tells how important the project is.
  • We describe your organization’s capabilities by citing the needs and capacity of the organization as well as providing records of previous projects. Appropriateness of the organization in running the project and why your organization is the best for this task must also be mentioned in detail.
  • We prepare an Activity plan as a part of your project proposal that includes specific explanations and information about each and every project activity thus planned. The activity plan first lists all project activities then breaks them into sub-activities and further subdividing them into tasks.
  • We prepare a resource plan by first listing the resources needed like labor, equipment, technical skills, materials etc. and then prepare a schedule according to which the resources shall be used.
  • Draw the thinking of the reader in response to your proposal by giving a conclusion at the end of the proposal. This helps in delivering the essential information to the reader by including a budget summary; justification of the project etc. Budget summary gives the donor a clear idea of the scale of your project and the basis of your request.
  • In the end we draw all the arguments provided in the entire proposal together summarizing them briefly. Topics like the necessity of project, justification for choosing the particular donor for funding request, reasoning behind the consideration of your proposal and the things that can be achieved by the project etc. are included in this conclusion.

In a nutshell these are:

  • Budget summary
  • Justification of project
  • Why the particular donor is best suitable for this funding request
  • Why this proposal deserves to be considered by the donor
  • Caliber of the project in terms of what it can achieve etc.
  • We hand over a complete and customized (according to donor agency if needed) project proposal that is at par with international standards.

The outline of project proposal shall contain:

  • Title page
  • Project title
  • Index
  • Organization’s Profile
  • Abstract
  • Context
  • Project justification(Rationale and significance)
    • Problem statement
    • Priority needs
    • Type of intervention
    • Implementing organization
    • Project aims
  • Project results
  • Target group
  • Project implementation
  • Activity Plan
  • Resource Plan
  • Budget
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Conclusion

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