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How Website is useful for NGO?
What is your organization is doing, what about your organization, what is profile of your NGO, what programs and activities your team is doing, how it is doing and implementing, where is your working area, what are achievements of your NGO, what about the team of the organization, what is the way of national and global publicity of Non Profit Organization how others can be associated with your team and NGO and how you can provide all other information about your NGO? The Website is the only solution where you can provide all this information including profile, programs and about your identity if it is created at various social media websites. If the supporter, donor and the NGO has a distance so in the present time website is the best and most appropriate medium.

To prove the status and active existence of NGO website is useful
Website is a resource of your organization that represent all aspects about your organization. In the present time web and internet is the best and most economical solution to present your profile and status. It is necessary to know about organization for others including supporters, donors, volunteers, beneficiaries and the authorities some how concerned with the results and programs directly or indirectly. The volunteers, donors and supports who want to support you, donate you and pass the project proposal of your organization can not go in the field and can not check or verify it about the reality of the work and profile of your NGO. To show the work activities about your NGO and to get support in donation as cash, kind and in resources website is the widget. So website is the only most economical, most easy and most accessible tool to show and prove the status about your organization so you can get outcomes according to your desired expectations.

To get identity, support donation website is very helpful
You can better improve your task and get better results to implement your activities, can better achieve the targets for that you have formed the organization, you are working for and you have a intention to achieve your goal with the vision, mission. Website is a support tool that can show what you have completed, what about your achievements, what is your status of the existence of the NGO and what are your future targets where you are working and can elaborate it if you can get more and better grants and resources. To communicate and spread message between the team, associated workers, volunteers, beneficiaries and supporters website is most helpful. You can publish past, present and future programs and events and update needed informations about it in website. To get grants and funding it is necessary to show the profile of NGO, to prove the claims in the grant proposals and to prove the status of existence of the NGO. Website is the the one of the most effective and useful online brochure that can be changed and updated regularly.

Can only said ‘website’ is sufficient for the purpose it is prepared?
So how well you can show and prove the work, results, profile and existence it matters most. And it is through the one of the main resource that is the website of NGO. If it is well designed, well contents are used, well presented about the profile and programs of the NGO in well mannered way, well defined the achievements and targets of NGO then it is only useful about the purpose it is developed for.
If it is not well designed as per the expectation of the visitors and viewers of the website those who want to know about your organization then it is almost useless or less useful and less effective. Sometimes if the website is not prepared and developed well for expected results then it may adversely affect the views and analysis of viewers about the profile and status of your NGO. So the website only that is not well designed and developed is not useful for that it is somehow prepared and placed with useless matter and content and incomplete information and irrelevant information placed or pasted duplicate matter after copying from other websites.

To use duplicate contents, photos and material is harmful
If your website is prepared to make only copy and paste the duplicate material form other existing websites then it is illegal and punishable at copyright part and dangerous to identify and find your organization and work at search engines part. To use the duplicate content and other material in the website is just to throwing aside and to punish your website from the normal search results. If you are going at cheaper part then it will be harmful and can be resulted adverse and negative effect of your website on the internet and web networks. And what exactly you have invested lesser to look the cheaper solution or or invested more to a cheaper service provider that is not the loss but a negative effect about your organization.

Difference in Cheaper and Economical Solution
It doesn’t matter how you want to invest to design and develop the website of your NPO but it matters most that it is in the cheaper category or economical category. So it is clear that if you are looking less financial expenses then what you have to choose and select. The false claims in cheap rate and more solution will result in the cheaper and loss of image and investment. Cheaper is harmful but economical solution is not harmful as it can be up-to certain limitation and results as per coveted prospects.
If you go and deal with the transparent Consultant to design and develop your website then their true claim may not attract you more to take their service how any way but it will result in the real solution for your budget limitation and expectancy. Aspirations can be more but it is not possible in the basic cost of the Consultant then it is not possible. How it is possible? It is possible that under your expected budget it can be developed for the certain limitation but if you expect and improve more then it can be extended further and future. That is what we do at Chanakya Consultancy at web development part and documentation part.

With sufficient budget select professional Website Developer and Designer
If you have sufficient budget as per the global market rate then you must go with professional Website Designer and Website Developer that will be result oriented at your investment part for the Website and about the expected results. We at Chanakya provide the expected website services to the NGOs that will be useful at almost all part including at your contribution, at time consumption part, at financial part and as per the expected results of the website of your NGO that you, your team, your beneficiaries and your supporters are expecting for the real and true results presented well and defined well about your organization. That will result in a positively what most management teams of NGOs used to look for. To invest in the website designing is a part of investment in the social entrepreneurship that is your organization that will equally result as the other kind of investment will result to implement your hopes of to develop it as positive social change making and social development.

So what to do for well and useful Website?
One more aspect about the profiles, expectation and result oriented role of website is that you have to proceed with the real and transparent Consultant for this to develop your online Profile through professional website. If you are expecting to achieve more beyond your present resources and expecting to get funds for your NGO because it is compulsory to move ahead to your NGO but you are doing nothing or doing less to convert your dreams in reality at documentation part; and website is also a part of the online existence and documentation to show the picture about any organization; then your dreams can not move ahead of the ‘Day Dreams’ status or you can get very less against your expectation you are expecting about. Yes documentation is most required to show your profile and website is the main part of the most desirous tool documentation. For that you have to develop the website in normal expected manner and have to follow the parameters if you are thinking and planning to establish your NGO as the team of real change makers.
Though free blog options are available there to publish your NGO’s profile. For small NGOs it is better solution but to run your NGO professionally you have to prove it and the website with own domain (web address/url) is the best option.

Chanakya has the Solution
Solution is simple, you have to take service of the professionals and technical experts of the web sector those are well experienced in the social sector consultancy. The experienced Consultancy in social service sector with a team of well experts can do it for you. Chanakya is well experienced in web designing, web development and NGO Consultancy so we can give you the best solution for your requirements and future desires and expectations through the professionally planned and developed website. If you are doing well and expecting the results of the work you are performing then the useful website is appropriate solution. In the present time it is required for the donors and funding agencies the website affects to pass and approve the project proposal and grant application to get funds. Website can be most useful to prove the reliability of your NGO. We can plan, prepare and implement your organization’s online identity and profile that will continuously represent your well identified and active social welfare organization with a documented record.

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