Fund Raising Reports

Chanakya NGO Consultancy has team of experts to write fundraising reports for your organization. Fundraising reports are used to produce detailed summary reports on many facets of fundraising. Fund raising reports require a number of special considerations like providing direction and ideas to management on the format and structure, plan about the development and implementation of the important strategic documents. Preparing such report requires a significant amount of data collection and analysis. Advance planning and meeting between Chanakya team and the desirous NGO personnel is needed to make efficient reports that further strengthen the client NGO’s position among other fundraising organizations as well as with its stakeholders

Chanakya prepares fund raising reports that have following features:

  • Conveys the success of the fund raising campaign and all related projects. This also helps in setting the stage for projects that may require additional fundraising.
  • Provision of current as well as historical context for fundraising with respect to the stakeholder group.
  • Demonstrates the organization’s position with respect to probability of success in future fundraising campaigns and the organization’s growth, its capabilities and increase in it.
  • Description of ongoing and future requirements for fundraising like cost raise. The report can help in positioning present and future funding models.
  • Establishing a conceptual framework and giving strategic overview for the next campaign. History can be the best tool to assist in planning for the future.
  • Producing a sound education piece for both present and future leaderships like governing board. It is not necessary that these groups are always knowledgeable about fundraising.
  • Articulating the de-facto history of a campaign since it is very important for the future planning.
  • Strategic outlining of services and their detailed span that fundraising provides to the stakeholders and organization.
  • Constructing framework to develop a performance measuring technique for ongoing fundraising programs and building a score card based on that.
  • Documentation of the entire fundraising campaign that will be available to the public.

Fund raising reports prepared by Chanakya focuses on important numbers and summaries with elaborate details provided as supplementary material. We include graphical representations and visualize good key concepts. We take care to include pictures as they tell a story. The language and terminology used in the report is neutral and efforts are made to avoid fundraising jargon. While compiling reports we follow a plan to balance the cost and effort against the value the final document.

We understand that data tends to be fluid and the important historical context of the fundraising campaign can be easily lost. This is why we prepare reports that are balanced since words can be interpreted differently over time so we include a glossary at the beginning. Though you may not realize now but these reports can be extremely valuable in planning the next campaign. Some organizations may have very limited system to collect data. They should consider the preparation of such reports as a mean to help influence improvements in the system and data management techniques. The final fundraising report will provide a great opportunity to inform, educate, encourage and set the stage for your organization’s future fundraising campaigns.

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